Cyberschool: Cyberschool Units: February 2004 Calendar

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Self 2 Begin Alphabet
A day
Autobiography and Family Tree
Valentine Sacks
3 Paint Boy or Girl

Valentine Sacks
4 B day
Big Person
Sponge Paint Hearts
"Me" Sandwich
5 "Me " Paper Doll
Family Portrait with Paper Dolls
"Me" Sandwich
6 C day
Butcher Paper Self
Valentine Cat
Valentines 9 D day
Cut folded paper heart and decorate
Easel paint large heart
10 Valentine Bear Stencil
Valentine Bunny
11 E day
Rodney Rooster
Valentine card to lace
12 Lace Valentine
Valentine Necklace
Valentine Party
13 F day
Valentine Butterfly
Valentine Necklace
Valentine Party
Dinosaurs 16 G day
Make dinosaur book
Egg Hatching Paper
17 Paint Large Dinosaur
Brontosaurus Hat
Brontosaurus Puzzle
18 H day
Sponge or stencil Dinosaur shapes
Cooking license
19 T-Rex Puzzle
20 I day
Stegosaurus Hat
Stegosaurus Stew
  23 J day
T-Rex with Brads
24 Cut and Match Dinosaurs 25 K day
Make fossils
Knox Blox
26 Dinosaurs Days Book
Knox Blox
27 Fossil Field Trip

4 year old preschool meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m..
3 year old preschool meets Tuesday, Thursday from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m..


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