Cyberschool:  Ground Hog Day

Books: Wake Up, Groundhog, by
Susan Korman, Eugenie Fernandes
a little Golden Book

Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day
 by Abby Levine, and illustrated by Nancy Cote

Make groundhog mask:


Brown paper plates
or white paper plates painted brown
White construction paper
Black construction paper
Hole punch
Rubber bands


Prepare paper plates outlining circles to be cut out for eyes.  Use hole punch to make hole in which to attach rubber bands to hook behind ears. Make groundhog ears from extra paper plates or make out of construction paper.  Provide black button nose and black paper strips for whiskers and white teeth (you may let children cut out the teeth depending on time constraints). 

Groundhog rhyme:   (copyright 2004, by SS do not reproduce)

Groundhog, groundhog,
Brown and furry,
Come on out,
I'm in a hurry.

Send spring our way
This very day.
So we can go
Outside to play.

Ground hog rhymes and songs. 


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