Cyberschool Johnny Appleseed's Birthday Sept 26, 1774

Apple Art Activity

Used for Johnny Appleseed's birthday
Color red art activity or
Alphabet art activity on A day


Paper plate either red or white (white to be painted.)
Precut stem and leaf unit
Precut hole in paper plate or signal dot
Gummy worm (optional)

If time is short use red paper plate for project, else use white paper plate and sponge paint it red.  Worm hole may be precut, or use black signal dot.  Children enjoy placing gummy worm sticking out of hole.

Have students bring two apples.  Graph the different colors of apples brought using calendar cut out shapes in red, yellow and green. Also, have the students to measure various items in the classroom (table, chair, cubbies, etc.,) using their apples. In case they do not provide enough apples, the teacher should buy a bag for extras.



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