Cyberschool Finger Plays: Nov. Finger Plays & Songs: Falling Leaves

  Four little leaves
(Hold up 4 fingers)

Sitting on a tree,
(Put them on back of other hand)

One fell off,
(Make one tumble down)

Then there were three.

Three little leaves
(Hold up three fingers)

All yellow and brown,

One danced away
(Make one swirl away)

Down to the ground.


Two little leaves.
(Hold up 2 fingers)

Waving in the breeze,
(Wave them about)

One flew off
(Make one fly away)

Away from the trees.

One little leaf
(Hold up last finger)

Left on the tree.

Said, "Good-bye, Wind,"
(Wave it good-bye)

And flew down to me.
(Fly down to chest)


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