Cyberschool: Arts and Crafts: November Arts and Crafts Patchwork Quilt

The quilt project  teaches following directions, pattering, colors, and working on concepts of left and right.

Make a square 9'' x 9'' on s 9" x 12'' piece of paper.  Subdivide into the nine squares with each small square 3'' x 3''.  This serves as template.  Make 3'' x 3'' squares in red, orange,  yellow, green, blue, purple, back, brown, and white.  Place a green dot in upper left hand square and a red dot in lower right hand square.  These  indicate starting and ending positions. Have children glue on the colored squares in prescribed sequence. It helps to have a finished quilt for them to view.

Story for the day:  The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston.

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