Cyberschool: Cyberschool Units: Spider Unit

Visual Aid:
As a visual aid for unit collect a spider web.
Find a spider web and paint it using spray paint.
Select a contrasting  color of posterboard to your paint. 
Bring a piece of posterboard from behind the web forward using the wet paint as "glue" to attach the web to the posterboard.
Let it dry and then cover the captured web with clear contact paper. 


During Circle Time read A Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.



1.  Spider Web Painting:  Make a spider web using a marble dipped in poster paint.  Put a piece of black paper in a deep sided box lid or metal cake pan larger than your piece of construction paper.  Have the child tilt box lid to roll the marble around to make a web.  When the paint is dry, you can attach a spider sticker to the web.


2.  Sew a Web:  Punch holes around the edge of a paper plate.  Using gray yarn, tie yarn at one of the holes.  Child makes a web by going in and out of holes to create a web. Add a plastic spider to the web.

3.  Spider Web Rubbing:  In preparation, teacher makes a spider web on a piece of posterboard using Elmer's glue or a thick paint, so that when the glue/paint dry, you can "feel" the web on the paper.  Using a clip board, child places a clean piece of paper over the posterboard and makes a spider web rubbing.

4. "S" is for Spider.  Give each child a black, pre-cut, construction paper "S" and have them glue it to a piece of manilla or colored construction paper.  Also give children 8, 1/2 inch paper strips which they should accordion fold.  Also give each child 2 wiggle eyes.  They add eyes and legs to their S's to make spiders.  (This activity can also be used in your Alphabet Unit.)

5.  Spider 8's:  Give child a large, black, precut construction paper 8 and 8 precut legs, and again 2 wiggle eyes.  They add eyes and legs to the 8's.  I would glue the 8 to a colored sheet of construction paper.  ( This activity can also be used in your Number Unit.)


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