Cyber Preschool: Unit: Who Am I?


The main topics used in our basic curriculum remain fairly consistent; however we frequently incorporate new learning activities in the standard curriculum as well as adding different units from time to time.  One optional beginning of the year unit used is "Who am I?

This unit works well as the first for it allows the students to introduce themselves and their families as well as giving the classroom teacher some incite regarding their readiness via the draw a man type activity.

The calendar for the unit has been added to the September calendar.  Not all curriculum given in callender with this addition will fit into the time frame.

Time Line and activities.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Who Am I ? Make a family picture
Finger Play
Weigh and Measure
Make child's picture
Weigh and Measure
Make child's picture
Make Face
Self image

Parts of Me
Make Face
Self image

Parts of Me

Monday:  The teacher should bring pictures of her family and show them to the children during circle time.  Each child can tell about his/her family.  The art activity for the day will be making a picture of their family, using wooden buttons for heads, or in lieu of buttons, cut popsicle sticks into graduated sizes or use different lengths of colored paper for each family member.  Label picture.

Sing:  How Many People Live at My House
How many people live at my house?
How many people live at my house?
One, my mother,
Two, my father,
Three, my sister,
Four, my brother,
Spoken:  There's just one more, now let me see!
Oh, yes! Of course, it must be me!
How many people live at my house?
How many people live at my house?
Finger Play:  See My Family
See my family:  See them all:
(Hold up 5 fingers)
Some are short.
(Hold up thumb)
And some are tall.
(Hold up pointer finger).
Let's shake hands, "How do you do?"
(Clasp hands and shake)
See them bow, "How are you?"
(Bend fingers)
(Hold up middle finger)
(Hold up pointer finger)
(Hold up ring finger)
(Hold up thumb)
And me;
(Hold up little finger)
All polite to one another.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Weigh and Measure Children

The art activity will be to make a picture of the child, using a three inch piece of measuring tape for his body.  The child will draw, head, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, ears, arms, hands, legs and feet.  Be sure and discuss with the children all of the body parts and also talk about eye and hair color before doing this activity.  If time permits, photograph each child and record his height and weight on the picture or put picture in an album and record height and weight on album page.  Take another picture the last month of school and again weigh and measure to show children how they have grown.

I Have So Many Parts of Me
I have two hands to clap with (clap)
I have one head to think with (tap head)
Two lungs that work quite well (breathe deeply)
I have two eyes that let me see (point to eyes)
I have two legs that walk (walk in place)
I have two ears that let me hear (cup hands to ears)
A mouth with which to talk. (point to mouth)
On my face I have a nose, (point to each part or perform action)
And way down here I have 10 toes.
I have two eyes that I can blink.
I have a head to help me think.
I have a chin and very near,
I have two ears to help me hear.
I have a mouth with which to eat,
And when I run I use my feet.
Here are arms to hold up high,
And here's a hand to wave good-by.

Thursday/Friday:  Make a face of each child.

Using pink or flesh colored construction paper, have faces precut.  Also, precut hair in blonde, black, red, or brown.  There is one style hair for girls and one style for boys.  Cut out pink hearts for cheeks and use adhesive circles for eyes (color coding labels)  If you cannot find all the eye colors you need, you can use a 1 inch punch and punch out the colors needed.  Children make a half circle nose (upside down U) and draw a curved mouth between the two cheeks.  Put pre-made bow in girls hair, and possibly a pre-made bow tie on boys.


Also, have children draw a full body picture of their selves today.  Date it and file it and have them draw another at the end of the year.  Compare details.


At circle time you can make a chart of eye color.

Guess What I See?  (I'm a little teapot)
Looking in a mirror, guess what I see?
A face that belongs to me.
Looking in a mirror, guess what I see?
______ eyes looking back at me.  (Name eye color)
Looking in a mirror, guess what I see?
______ hair that belongs to me. (Name hair color)
I have ten little toes,
And ten little fingers,
Two little eyes that see,
Two little ears,
One little nose,
And a smiling mouth--
That's me!
I have two little shoulders,
And two little heels,
One little spine holds me tall,
Two little elbows,
Two little ankles,
Two little hands
That play ball.
I have many little parts
Moving this way and that,
They work very hard through the day,
They make me a person,
And help me do things
At home, at school,
And at play.
(point to parts as you say poem.


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