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Lets Have a Parade

by Jeffrey Victor
Read Let's Have a Parade
Begin work on Parade Banner

Make queen's float
Decorate wagon
Decorate trike
Assign parts for parade
Read Let's Have a Parade
Make Betsy Ross' Flag
Flag Counting Worksheet

Color flag
Color  flags for parade
Make hats for parade

Make Betsy Ross 'flag
Flag Counting Worksheet

Practice with rhythm instruments
Make hats:
Uncle Sam, Statute of Liberty, Crown
My hat has three corners finger play
Parade Day
Bird Unit Crow
Read: When Agnes Caws by Candace Fleming
As the Crow Flies  -
Aesops Fable about the Crow and the Pitcher
The Crotchety Crow
Blue Bird
Four Little Blue Birds
Egg Counting
Robin Red Breast
Read Welcome, Brown Bird by Mary Lyn Ray
Egg Counting

Read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
Make birds nest treats
Read Good Night Owl by Pat Hutchins or
Owls by Gail Gibbons>
Wise Ole Owl
Make birds nest treats

Make pine cone bird feeder.
Math Science Unit Graphing unit
Read Jump, Frog, Jump by Robert Kalan
Frog graphing
Float / Sink Activity
Float sink worksheet

Our magnetic world
Magnetic worksheet activity
Standard and non-standard measurement
Read Inch by Inch by Leo Leonni
Unifix worksheet
Inch worm worksheet
Ruler worksheet.
Use of balance scales
Balance scale worksheets

See-saw at the park.
Hot and Cold
Freeze ice cream for snack

Let's Have a Parade Unit

To begin the Let's Have a Parade Unit we prepare the room with a parade banner on the wall outside the classroom door.   Inside we place red, white, and blue themed objects around the room and on the bulletin board.  The number of days allotted to the unit depends on the size of the group that will be participating.  This unit can be done with a single class or with all three and four classes in the school.  The more involved, the more preparation  required to have jobs for each child in the parade. 

Participants can fill the roles of the parade queen, Uncle Sam, the Statute of Liberty, girl throwing candy to crowd, drummer and/or band members, military units, cowboys riding stick horses, tricycles decorated with red white and blue balloons and crepe paper streamers, and floats using wagons.  Children not riding trikes, pulling wagons etc can carry musical instrument used in the music program.  You can also use ready made costumes,  props etc.

On first day of unit we assign parts and have kids  bring costumes and props for their part on Friday.  Students who were not assigned a particular part were to wear red white and blue. At our school only the fours took part in the parade.  Parade was scheduled to take place just before parents picked students up from school.

Hat patterns for Uncle Sam and The Statute of Liberty are found

Bird Unit

We hang a hummingbird feeder outside the classroom window at the beginning of the bird unit.  Since it may take a few hours for hummingbird to find feeder we do this on the weekend before fist class of the week. 

This unit can easily be expanded to include

  • Aquatic birds
  • Birds of prey
  • Symbolic Birds (American Eagle, Turkey etc)
  • State Birds

Math Science Unit

The firs day of the Math Science Unit we bring in a grow a frog into the classroom.  This goes along with our story and math work for the day.  You would need to order your frog in advance or collect a frog from your yard.

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